In the current situation of confusion and uncertainty, the safety and health of your loved ones is the most important thing. You should always keep disinfecting the spaces after frequent intervals. As well if you are having any issues disinfecting the place yourself, you can opt for the services provided by professionals. So, you can be sure that your space is well disinfected and your loved ones are safe. You should always go for professional services and follow the standard and safe ways to disinfect the space. In this article, we will help you understand the idea of disinfecting and why it is important.

High touch points for the unwanted guests. 

Some areas are most venerable to unwanted viruses and bacteria. You should have a close eye on these areas and arrange the disinfection services properly. So, you and your loved ones remain safe at home, office or wherever you are.

  • Lobbies and reception
  • Restrooms
  • Chairs and tables
  • Tools
  • Meeting areas
  • Kitchens and dining areas

How to keep your space disinfected?

You should have some proper SOPs in place for your space so, it gets infected as less as possible. You can also use traditional cleaning methods and techniques as well as do some recommended sprays. You can minimize the mobility of the people and try to use digital communication means even if you are at the place. Try not to arrange the meetings unless they are very important. 

Which Industries Can Avail Disinfection Service?

We are providing disinfection services for almost all types of businesses, and institutes. Our disinfection service is best for eliminating Covid19 as well as other unwanted viruses and bacteria. Some of the industries that can avail our disinfection service are given below:

  • Gyms and fitness centres. 
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Homes
  • Cinemas 
  • Public transportation
  • And many more 

Note: You may have to do some extra measures like vacating the offices for better treatment and care of your space. So, please bear this in mind before calling out for our professional disinfection service. 

Considerations for Selecting Disinfection Service:

Following are the things to look for in a good professional disinfection service. 

  • Disinfectants dry quickly
  • Reach to the inaccessible areas
  • Includes cleaning of recessed contact points
  • Fast disinfection process, disinfects large areas in a few minutes
  • No harmful residues or odours 
  • Eco friendly with no allergic or harmful elements